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This page may be helpful in comparing rental home features.
The location map (1) shows all of the homes relative to the beach.
The availability calendar (2) shows availability for each of the homes, by month.
The information chart (3) allows you to compare other items, home by home.
The measurements chart (4) allows you to compare measurements, home by home.

(1) Rental Home Location Map (dotted lines are beach access paths)
Click on a home

(2) Rental Home Availability Calendar             (go to calendar page)

Piper home (#2)
Palm home (#3)
Gator home (#4)
Lake home (#6)
Haven home (#7)

Note: open (white) squares are available, filled (black) squares are booked.

(3) Rental Home Information Chart
Home Price Home Type Bedroom/bath Sleeps: Beds* View Comments
 Piper home (#2)  $$$  Ground level  3BR 2BA  8: K,Q,T,T,SS  pool, garden  5th home from the beach
 Palm home (#3)  $$$$  Elevated home  3BR 2BA  8: K,Q,T,T,SS  pool, garden  directly across from the beach, vaulted ceilings, new kitchen
 Gator home (#4)  n/a  Elevated home  3BR 2BA  6: K,Q,Q  none  free beach parking for our guests, directly across from the beach
 Lake home (#6)  $$$  Ground level  3BR 2BA  8: K,K,T,T,SS  pool, lake  new kitchen, one of the best pools on Sanibel, 2 master bedroom suites
 Haven home (#7)  $$$$  Elevated home  5BR 3BA  10: K,K,K,F,T,T  pool, garden  3rd home from beach, vaulted ceiling, 2 master suites, elevator, privacy
* Beds: (K) = King bed, sleeps 2. (Q) = Queen bed, sleeps 2. (F) = Full bed, sleeps 2. (T) = Twin Bed, sleeps 1. (SS) = Sleeper Sofa, sleeps 2.

(4) Rental Home Measurements Chart
Home Sq Ft Pool Size Spa Size Distance to Beach Access* Comments
 Piper home (#2)  1600  32' x 16'  none  1150 ft. (3 min walk)  electric pool heat pump
 Palm home (#3)  1500  32' x 15'  seats 8  20 ft. (1 min walk)  electric pool heat pump, overflow hot tub
 Gator home (#4)  1600  none  none  100 ft. (1 min walk)  free beach parking for our guests, directly across from the beach
 Lake home (#6)  1600  36' x 15'  seats 10  1700 ft. (4 min walk)  electric pool heat pump, overflow hot tub, pool tanning ledge
 Haven home (#7)  1900  28' x 17'  seats 6  500 ft. (2 min walk)  electric pool heat pump, standalone hot tub
* Beach access from West Gulf Drive and across the sand to the water's edge is an additional 400 ft.

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