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**** Sanibel Rental Information ****
   All terms subject to change and/or negotiation.
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About Sanibel

(1)  Minimum Rental is 28 days for Sanibel private homes.
(2)  Sanibel High Season is November through April.
(3)  Sanibel rentals are usually booked a year in advance.
(4)  Sanibel has a $6.00 toll bridge for entry onto the Island.
(5)  Stay clear of alligators and be considerate of other wildlife.
(6)  Does Sanibel Island have mosquitoes and biting bugs?
(7)  Will I be able to use my cell phone on Sanibel?
(8)  Has Sanibel recovered from Hurricane Charley?
(9)  How do we get the best current information and forecasts about hurricanes?

About our Sanibel vacation home rentals

(10) Our residential neighborhood is quieter and the beach is less crowded.
(11) We offer free beach parking for our guests.
(12) Maximum number of people.
(13) No smoking please. Pets may be allowed with a pet fee.
(14) All you need to bring are your personal items, clothing, and food.
(15) We are Members of the Sanibel Island and Lee County Chambers of Commerce.

How to Rent One of Our Sanibel Vacation Rental Homes

(16) Check our calendar page for your planned vacation dates.
(17) Check our rates page for our 4-week rates for each home.
(18) Competitive Rental rates and rate matching.
(19) Email us to begin the rental process.
(20) 7 day courtesy hold while arranging reservation payment.
(21) Payment methods: personal check, bank wire, money order, traveler's check.
(22) Your reservation booking is finalized by our receipt of your deposit.
(23) Rentals are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.
(24) Security deposit is refundable within 60 days of departure.
(25) Final Rental Payment at 90 days.
(26) Cancellation Policy: 90 days.
(27) Check-in is 3 PM and Check-out is 10 AM.
(28) We Hope You Enjoy Your Sanibel Vacation!

About Sanibel

(1) Minimum Rental is 28 days for private homes on Sanibel Island.  TOP
Private homes on Sanibel are required by the City of Sanibel zoning law to rent for a minimum of 28 days (4 weeks). Condos, motels, hotels, small inns, cottages and Captiva homes can rent for shorter times. Condos usually have at least a one week minimum. If you wish to rent for less than 28 days, please check the Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce website for accommodations.

(2) Sanibel's High Season is from Thanksgiving in November through April.  TOP
February and March are the most popular months, while November is a "swing" or "hump" month. The highest peak visits are during winter school breaks as well as spring and holiday breaks. Most rentals are on a Saturday to Saturday basis.

(3) For high season (Nov-April), many Sanibel rentals are booked ahead a full year in advance, particularly for private homes.  TOP
Renting a full year in advance has become the custom because there is so much demand for good rental accomodations. Thus, many guests generally make their plans and reservations for their next visit in the following year during their current Island visit. Off-season rentals (May-Oct) are sometimes rented for a year in advance, but not always, as there are generally plenty of homes available during off-season. Many of our summer rentals (Jun-Aug) are booked on a last-minute basis. We always offer our current guests first option at renting their same time of year for the following season. We have a wait list for cancellations, please let us know if you'd like to be added to the wait list and the particulars of your dates and home preference, if any. If we then had a cancellation for your dates, we would notify you of that availability.

(4) Sanibel has a toll bridge, which is currently a $6.00 toll for entry onto the Island.  TOP
There are a total of 3 bridge spans between the mainland and Sanibel, including a drawbridge and two small "spoiler" Islands (because they spoil the flow of the Caloosahatchee River, similar to a car spoiler). There is no toll for leaving the Island. There is currently a large construction project to build replacement bridges, just to the right and left of the current 2 bridges with a plan to replace the drawbridge with a fixed span bridge.
If you wish, you can buy a transponder and discounted toll program for the Sanibel bridge at LeeWay. The Service Center is located at:
    LeeWay Service Center
    1366 Colonial Blvd (SE corner near Colonial/McGregor overpass; also near shopping mall).
    Fort Myers, Florida 33907
    Phone: (239) 931-0100 Fax: (239) 278-7854

(5) Stay clear of alligators and be considerate of other wildlife.  TOP
Do not feed or approach an alligator, as it is against the law to feed or water an alligator or a manatee. Do not feed or approach wild animals of any kind. Sanibel is world famous for its many wild and tropical birds and the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. On Sanibel, SOME of our wildlife includes the variety of birds, raccoons, snakes, turtles, frogs, armadillos, manatees, a bobcat or two, bats, lizards, crabs, skates or rays (remember to drag or shuffle your feet in the ocean) and of course, alligators. Sanibel now has the same alligator policy as the rest of the state of Florida - "harvesting" any alligator larger than 4 feet that is deemed a nuisance to humans or in public areas. Loggerhead turtles are protected and Sanibel has a no-lights-on-the-beach policy from May to November to protect the turtle nests and young hatchlings. Live shelling or taking any seashells with an animal in them or live sanddollars is prohibited by Sanibel law and is a fineable offense, $50 for each offense.
• To report a hurt animal (do not approach any animal), please call C.R.O.W., Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife at: (239) 472-3644.
• To report a nuisance alligator, call the Sanibel police at: (239) 472-3111.

(6) Does Sanibel Island have mosquitoes and biting bugs?   TOP
South West Florida is subtropical and Sanibel is considered a tropical paradise resort, however, the downside is that there are biting bugs. Sanibel and Lee County has a mosquito abatement program which sprays for mosquitoes and no-seeums in the summer. The spraying program is very effective against mosquitoes. No-seeums are small tiny, pesky, biting gnats. For some reason, many people mistakenly think that pool screen cages will keep out no-seeums, which they DO NOT, even with "no-seeum" screens. Plan your outdoor activities so that you minimize early morning and late afternoon exposure to best reduce all bug bites. Some people may react to no-seeum bites with red itchy spots. Because this is a mild allergic reaction to the no-seeum's bite, some advise use of an anti-histamine cream and/or an oral OTC anti-histamine pill. Please note that this is not medical advice, if you want REAL medical advice, consult your doctor!! Citronella candles and mosquito magnets also help to control the presence of bugs. Bugs are usually not a problem during Sanibel's cooler months, Nov/Dec through March, unless we have several days or weeks of warm, wet weather. As far as the usual Florida pests which may visit the house, we have annual contracts with Truly Nolen Pest Control for each house to control such critters as ants, cockroaches and spiders. Truly Nolen uses non-toxic pest control, so there is no danger to people, pets, and young persons.

(7) Will I be able to use my cell phone on Sanibel?   TOP
It is widely known that Sanibel and Captiva Islands often have somewhat weak cellular signals, particularly along one of the main roads, Periwinkle Way, and parts of the Eastern area of the Island, and Captiva Island. However, our mid-Island area has one of the strongest cell phone signal strengths found on Sanibel, because we are near the cell tower which is close to Ding Darling. Most cellular providers have good signal strength in our East Rocks neighborhood.

(8) Has Sanibel recovered from Hurricane Charley?   TOP
Yes, Sanibel has made great strides in hurricane recovery. To the best of our knowledge, all of Sanibel's many great restaurants are open for business as usual. As of Jan 2006, we finally have 3 of 3 pool screen cages completed, screen cages that were blown down by the hurricane. Several resorts are not yet open because they are undergoing major renovations, notably South Seas on Captiva and some along the beach on the Eastern part of the Island. The canopy of large Australian pines has been mostly removed, as many trees fell over during hurricane Charley. Also, the City of Sanibel has deemed these large and shallow-rooted trees as exotic and invasive, following the policy of the State of Florida's classification of Australian Pines.

(9) How do we get the best current information and forecasts about hurricanes?   TOP
If you wish to follow along during the hurricane season of 2007 (June 1 through Nov 30, 2007), please check the latest storm news and tracking from the National Hurricane Center, as this is the source for storm updates for all news and weather services. You can also subscribe to NHC's new email storm notification service for Atlantic storms, the Tropical Cyclone Advisory Mailing Lists. Major status updates are emailed and posted every day at 5 AM when there are no storms. Major status updates when there is a storm are at 5 AM, 11 AM, 5 PM and 11 PM, along with minor updates hourly. All times listed are EDT.

About our Sanibel vacation home rentals

(10) Our residential neighborhood is quieter and the beach is less crowded than the Eastern "condo" part of Sanibel.  TOP
Daily and weekly accomodations (condominiums, hotels, motels and cottages) are located mainly on the Eastern part of the Island, near the lighthouse, with the majority located East of Tarpon Bay Road. Our East Rocks neighborhood, just west of Rabbit Road, near East Rocks Dr. and West Gulf Dr. has no condominiums, mostly private residences, with only 2 small cottage motels, so the beaches are usually far less crowded, and the residential neighborhood is much quieter. Many of our guests have found prize winning and quite unusual sea shells on our particular stretch of beach.

(11) We offer free beach parking for our guests at home #4  TOP
across from the beach on West Gulf Drive, for anyone who would rather park than walk the short distance from their rental home. People with kids and/or lots of gear for fishing etc, or those with health issues have all parked in the large yard and enjoyed the almost private beach. Because we live in Sanibel home #4, within walking distance from all of our rental homes, we will generally be around to greet our guests and to take care of any problems right away. We do have a yard maintenance service, but do most home maintenance ourselves. Island Condo Maintenance, (239) 472-4505, takes care of our weekly pool cleaning and maintenance.

(12) Maximum number of people.  TOP
Please include the number and ages of all members of your party as a part of the rental information, as each home accomodates a maximum number, from 6-10 persons, depending on the home. We can add some sleeping arrangements for 1-2 persons, at most homes, if requested in advance.

(13) No smoking please. Pets may be allowed with a pet fee.  TOP
The interior of our homes is a non-smoking environment. If you wish to smoke, please do it outside. Pets may be allowed with a non-refundable pet fee.

(14) All you need to bring are your personal items, clothing, and food.  TOP
Each rental home has central heating and air conditioning and is fully equipped with Cooper's Restaurant Guide, linens, towels, cable TVs, DVDs/VCRs, CD player/stereo, portable phone with answering machine, washer/dryer, iron & ironing board, gas BBQ grill, fully equipped kitchen, microwave, dishwasher, left or right-handed golf clubs, beach stuff like umbrellas, small ice chest, chairs, beach wagon, and some beach toys as well as pool toys. (Don't forget the free beach parking!). Bikes may be available upon request, at bike user's own risk. Under age children are required by the City of Sanibel to wear a bike helmet (which we generally can't provide). A bike trailer which holds 1-2 small children may also be available (at your own risk). High speed internet access is available upon request, wireless internet (router) may be available, please ask. We also have a "loaner" computer for use at our rentals. And we will help you with any computer problems and with networking as well. Finally, we have a library of approximately 500 movies for our guests. We also have games and video games. We're sorry, but we do not provide fishing gear. We offer free storage for our returning guests' personal items from year-to-year (no boats and no cars!!)

(15) We are Members of Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce and Lee County Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau.  TOP
The website and contact information for both Chambers of Commerce and the Lee VCB are as follows:
•  Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce - (239) 472-1080
•  Lee County Chamber of Commerce - (239) 931-0931
•  Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau - (239) 338-3500, (800) 237-6444 (toll-free U.S./Canada), 01444 414188 (UK), 49-6021-325-302 (Germany)

How to Rent One of Our Sanibel Vacation Rental Homes

(16) Please check our calendar page for your planned vacation dates.  TOP
Most Sanibel rentals, including ours, are generally rented on a Saturday-to-Saturday basis. In addition, our 4 week dates are usually tied to the calendar month as much as possible, either starting with the first Saturday of the month, or the first full week of the month, if the prior month ended near a Saturday. Additional nights may be available, particularly during off-season or for longer visits. Partial rental nights, if any, count as a full night and are priced at the same rate as the rest of the booking. Rental dates can be more flexible during off-season (May-Oct), depending on the rental home.

(17) Please check our rates page for our 4-week rates for each home.  TOP
Please note that posted web rates may be subject to change until confirmed via email. As with all rentals in Lee County and the State of Florida, we are required to charge 11% tax for any rental less than 6 months. Please email or call for current pricing, because sales, last minute pricing, or multi-month discounts may apply.

(18) Competitive Rental rates and rate matching.  TOP
We try to keep our rental rates competitive, so if you find a lesser rate for a comparable home on Sanibel, please let us know. We will make every effort to match the lowest price and provide you with the best value for your vacation. You will find that our rates are the lowest on the Island for our gold-rated, very near beach homes.

(19) Email us to begin the rental process.  TOP
To rent one of our homes, simply email or call us at 239-472-0692 and tell us which home and which dates and the number of adults and children in your guest party, that is, you could say "we'd like to rent home #__ for 4 weeks, from (your arrival date) to (your departure date) for ___ adults, ___children, ages __,__ and__". If you don't hear back from us in 24-48 hours, please re-contact us either by email or phone, as sometimes emails aren't always 100% and we certainly aren't 100% effective either!

(20) 7 day courtesy hold while arranging reservation payment.  TOP
We offer a 7 day courtesy hold on a home when someone indicates that they wish to rent one of our homes, to allow time for payment arrangements. Please be sure to tell us that you want a courtesy hold and that you wish to rent home #__ from (your Sat arrival date) to (your Sat departure date). Because we book on a first-come, first-served basis, our availability can change quickly, which is why we offer the 7 day courtesy hold. We apologize, but unfortunately we have limited time for follow-up, so please keep us informed and updated about your plans. If we do not hear back from a inquiry (confirming their continued vacation plans and payment) before the date that their courtesy hold expires, then the courtesy rental hold is released automatically. We try to follow-up with potential guests about expiring rental holds, but are not always able to due to Susan's limitations (on brain-power and organization!!)

(21) Payment methods accepted: personal check, bank wire, money order, or traveler's checks.  TOP
We can accept only US$ payments via personal check, money order or bank wire; we do not accept credit cards due to the transaction expense. In order to accept a personal check as rent payment, we must have the check in hand at least 30 days prior to the rental, otherwise only a money order or cashier's check can be accepted. We cannot accept third party checks or checks not from the rental party. We will email more details about payments, but only to persons who have properly identified themselves, as there is a common email scam attempting to defraud the uninformed rental owner. It's unfortunate that there are a few bad apples, but on the other hand, we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with and getting to know every one of our past and present guests. We call ourselves Sanibel International because while most of our in-season guests are snowbirds from the snowy and cold Mid-Western and North-Eastern areas of the US, many of our off-season guests are from international locations, such as Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, and the UK.

(22) Your reservation booking is finalized by our receipt of your reservation deposit,  TOP
at which time we will send a quick email as well as mail a confirmation letter to you. The reservation deposit is 25% of the total rental amount, plus security deposit, with a minimum of $1,500. If the start date of your rental is within 90 days or less, then the full rental amount would be required.

(23) Rentals are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.   TOP
Please note that we rent on a first-come, first-serve basis, so availability may change quickly. If you wish to rent one of our vacation homes, please make sure that we understand that, and that we put your intended dates and home on a courtesy 7 day hold while you mail your reservation deposit.

(24) The security deposit is refundable within 60 days of departure,  TOP
upon finding all in good order at the home, less electrical usage (usually pool heating) over $200 allowance, if any. Payment for electric usage over the allowance will be deducted from the security deposit. The normal electric bill averages about $150 per month, so additional electric payments are not usually the norm unless Sanibel has unusually cold winter weather, or if guests wish to heat the pool above 80 degrees. Home #5 is our only pool left with solar heating, but it also has a new hot tub. Please note that pool heating costs usually don't exceed the allowance during off-season, generally only during the high-season or cooler months (Oct-Apr). In the summer, the water temperature is about a balmy 88 degrees or so.

(25) Final Rental Payment at 90 days.  TOP
The final payment for a rental is due at 90 days prior to the beginning of the rental visit.

(26) Cancellation Policy: 90 days.  TOP
We have found that a 90-day cancellation policy is necessary to allow enough time to re-rent the home. Our cancellation policy (from our rental confirmation letter) is as follows: If you cancel your reservation more than 90 days prior to the visit, all money will be refunded in full. If you cancel less than 90 days prior to your visit, we will refund any rental money we receive, if the home is re-rented for all or part of the same rental period. If you might need to change your plans or cancel your visit, then we recommend purchase of travel insurance from an outside insurance agency.

(27) Check-in is at 3 PM and Check-out is at 10 AM.  TOP
Earlier check-in than 3 PM may be possible, but please check with us before making early arrival plans. Generally, please plan to arrive after 3 PM on the first date of your visit, since we work hard to have our home cleaned thorougly between guests, which takes place between departure and arrival. If you plan to depart earlier than 10 AM, please let us know, as we can certainly put that extra time to good use by starting the home cleaning early. If you plan to arrive after dark, please let us know so that we can leave the exterior lights on for you. Key pickup is by prior arrangement with us.

(28) We Hope You Enjoy Your Sanibel Vacation!  TOP
We hope that you enjoy your vacation on Sanibel, where-ever you stay. We would welcome you as our guests in any of our beach getaway homes. The seabreeze often brings the relaxing sound of the ocean waves to each of our vacation homes, because they are so close to the ocean. Home #1 has the best sunset views from the lanai and pool deck area. There are wonderful lake views at both home #1 and home #6, with birds aplenty. Three homes have hot tubs -- homes #3, #6, and #7. If you wish to rent adjacent homes, then we may be able to arrange that as well, because home #2 and home #5 back onto each other. We live on the Island within walking distance of all of our homes. We try to make sure that your vacation is enjoyable.

If you have any questions about how to rent a vacation home from us or about Sanibel Island, please feel free to ask us!

**** Sanibel Rental Information ****
   All terms subject to change and/or negotiation.
   Rental Rates     Sample Rental Agreement

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